Tong Ren Tang Beijing Pharmaceutical China Holiday Review

Tong Ren Tang Beijing holiday China. Tong Ren Tang is a Chinese pharmaceutical company founded in 1669 by Yue Xianyang who served as a senior physician of the royal court of the Ching dynasty.

As visitors,we can go to first and second floor of Tong Ren Tang building. What is the difference ? the first floor is open for public and second floor is open only for groups. The first floor facilities are available all over the world but the second floor facilities are only available in Beijing, Tong Ren Tang headquarter.

Because i came as a group, i can enjoy the second floor facilities. At the second store, we can get explanation about Tong Ren Tang history and a free examination by the Tong Ren Tang professors. Can't speak Chinese language? don't worry, interpreter provided.

What differences Tong Ren Tang vs other medical store ?
  • only use the best Chinese natural ingredients
  • Tong Ren Tang medicines take about three months to have an impact, slower than western medicines. Tong Ren Tang medicines heal from disease roots and have no side effects
  • how Tong Ren Tang doctors examine patients like in the Chinese movie. No doctor patient interviews, detect pains from veins.
Beijing Tong Ren Tang review best Chinese pharmaceutical medical company. Travel to Tong Ren Tang best experience a new way to get treatments with Chinese traditional methods.

Tips: visit Tong Ren Tang headquarter buy Chinese medicines. Get healthy visit China holiday pharmaceutical Beijing Tong Ren Tang.

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